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What are the benefits to my business?
How many points do I need?
What if I dont get enough points?
How much is it?
Where does my fee go?
When does it start?
Is it compulsory to join?
Do I need to be accredited first?
What if I belong to another organisation or scheme eg. Green Globe, SPTO etc?
Who receives the fees, forms etc of this and how do I know this information wont be shared?
Can my certification be revoked?
Who assesses my business?
Who do I complain to if I think the requirements on my business are unfair?
Who sets the criteria?
There are a number of international certification already, why make a new one?
How do I know where to go/what to do to gain points in each section?

Mana Tiaki Eco Certification

Mana Tiaki Eco Certification,

PO Box 649 Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Te Ipukarea Society Office next door to Bamboo Jacks in Tupapa

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