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​Instructions for completing the self assessment application form:

  1. Each different trading entity, requires a separate application form and application fee, even if operated by the same business.

  2. We encourage digital applications so please do not print the application document if possible.  

  3. Save this excel spread sheet on your computer with the following file name:     <Your business trading name>-Eco Certification2020.xls

  4. Click on the tab Business Details and complete with your information.

  5. Then click on the tab Standards relevant to your sector(s). Work through these by selecting either YES, NO or N/A for each standard in the compliance column.

  6. Handy tips are found at the top right hand corner of each cell in the form of ‘pop up’ notes (highlighted in red), which provide helpful information for most items.

  7. Once you have completed all information, SAVE the file on your computer, then send it as an attachment, by email to admin@manatiaki.org for processing by the Eco-Certification Coordinator.  Hard copies can be dropped off to the Te Ipukarea Society Tupapa, Rarotonga

  8. If you meet the requisite number of points (100 from a possible 185), you will be invoiced for the a certified fees as calculated by the size of the business.  Once you have paid your fees your Eco Certification will be confirmed and you will receive an electronic logo and a window display sticker for your business.

  9. Your certification will be confirmed by a follow up visit by an independent assessor within a period of up to 24 months to inspect any areas or learn more about your application.

  10.  By completing  and submitting this form you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions as outlined on the Terms and Conditions tab